Worry free guarantee

Our Worry Free promise means that we will take care of you during the entire rental agreement.  Our teams are trained to listen to your request, understand your needs, advise on the best solution and deliver your product promptly, so that you can focus on your objectives and we will take care of the rest.


What can you expect from our Worry Free Service?

  • Prompt service and quick response to your quote
  • Premium brands readily available in quantities you require,
  • Reduced paperwork and faster turnaround times
  • Fast track on those ‘Need it Now ‘rentals  (Refundable Deposit to secure your rental product))
  • Equipment customised and individually prepped .
  • Rentals approved before 11am can be delivered before 5pm same day
  • Punctual delivery and  pick-ups
  • On-going  Technical Hardware Support


Value Adds

  • Insurance protection offered on our rentals against  breakage, theft
  • Warranty repairs on any hardware failure
  • Reduced downtime, hardware spares on site
  • Free loan unit while clients is in for repairs
  • Upgrade, exchange swop out.
  • Restore your computer to the latest settings and folders- while you wait.




 i.          Below is a summary of rental terms and conditions. All new customers are required to sign a Master Rental Agreement and acceptance of insurance terms

  1. ii.          Pricing
  2. iii.          Pricing displayed on the website may change from time to time, and excludes VAT and insurance
  3. iv.          For every enquiry, a formal sales quote will be emailed to you. Pricing can only be guaranteed once we receive back the signed quotation from you, within 7 days of issue of such quote
  4. v.          Availability
  5. vi.          All quotations are subject to goods being available at the time of acceptance; Should equipment not be available, you will be notified and where possible the closest match will be supplied; Should you seek specific specifications, you should notify GO Rentals in writing;
  6. vii.          Insurance
  7. viii.          Theft Insurance on larger value items is mandatory. You may supply your own insurance by supplying a confirmation letter from your own insurers or brokers
  8. ix.          Insurance is usually provided on larger value items, and is applicable only if indicated on your quote. This insurance covers you for theft, as specified in ‘Theft of Goods’ below.
  9. x.          Taking Receipt of Goods
  10. xi.          Upon receipt of goods you will be required to:
  • sign a delivery note. Every item is barcoded. Please check you are receiving all items on the delivery note.
  • Check the condition of the goods. Please check the condition of the equipment and note any damage or scratches on the delivery note, otherwise you might have to pay for the repair of the damage when you return the equipment.
  • present your ID
  • Present the credit card used to secure the booking (if you are paying by credit card). Note cash is only accepted from account holders
  1. xii.          Theft of Goods
  2. xiii.          Theft of electronic goods in South Africa is an unfortunate reality. By ensuring you keep a watchful eye on your rental, you may prevent this. With equipment passing from rental to rental, insurers are quite particular about cover. Please familiarise yourself with the terms.
  3. xiv.          Should goods be stolen during your rental period, you will be invoiced for the replacement cost of the goods. This should be paid within 7 days to avoid further rental charges
  4. xv.          A report must be made in writing to GO Rentals within 2 days of any goods being stolen.
  5. xvi.          Certain items (as indicated on your quote) do carry theft insurance, which covers you for 50% of the replacement value, with a minimum of R1,000. Insurance Claims are subject to proof of forced entry and does not cover negligence, acts of God or damage to equipment or theft of goods which are left unattended or in an unsecured area or in a vehicle. The renting party (“the user”) is responsible for any losses in the abovementioned circumstances.
  6. xvii.          Should a valid claim be successfully processed, you will be refunded 50% of the replacement cost, immediately upon settlement by the insurers;
  7. xviii.          All requirements for the insurance claim, as required by GO Rentals and the applicable insurer / leasing company, shall be supplied by the user within 24 hours of such a request. Failing to comply with insurance claim requests in the required timeframe will unfortunately nullify the claim.
  8. xix.          The information immediately required will include, but is not limited to:
  • Certified Copy of ID
  • Affidavit signed at Commissioner of Oathes
  • Copy of Police Report
  • Case Number
  • Relevant Contact Persons
  • Security Company, or Venue incident report
  • Returning your Rental
  1. xx.          If you have arranged for collection of the rental goods, please do not leave the goods unattended. You are responsible for the goods
  2. xxi.          until our driver or technician collects them.
  3. xxii.          Please go through the return note in detail. The driver or techncian will indicate any items that are not returned. If you are not available at time of collection, the return note will be completed on your behalf by our driver / techncian.
  4. xxiii.          Please remember to bring back all the peripherals with your rental (mice, cables, keyboards etc)
  5. xxiv.          Should any items not be returned with your rental you will be notified by us as the goods are returned onto our system. You may be billed a rental for these items until returned, or you may elect to pay for the missing items.
  6. xxv.          Please check all items are in working order when you are returning and obtain a return note
  7. xxvi.          Upon return to our workshop, every item is tested and inspected. any damage will be reported to you.
  8. xxvii.          Damage to Goods
  9. xxviii.          There is no charge for hardware failure due to normal use
  10. xxix.          Should goods be damaged (scratched, dropped, cracked, spilled coffee etc), any costs of repair or replacement shall be for the user’s account. All goods are prepared and checked in the workshop prior to your receiving them. However, please ensure you check the goods before signing the delivery note as you may be billed for damage on return.
  11. xxx.          Should the insurance claim be refused by the insurance company for reasons of lack of information, negligence on the part of the user, or other reasonable reasons, the user shall be responsible for the full replacement value of the missing equipment.
    Should you seek clarification on any terms above, please contact GO Computer Rentals on 0861 11 11 39.
  12. xxxi.          Disclaimer
  13. xxxii.          GO Rentals is not responsible for any losses or damage resulting directly or indirectly from the use of the equipment by the client;
  14. xxxiii.          All terms are covered in our Master Rental Agreement, and Insurance Terms signed on receipt of goods.