Long term rentals

LONG TERM RENTALS or Rent to buy option

ThisĀ option ranges from 24 to 36 months.

It makes sense to rent. (rather than financing through your bank) . Here’s why

  1. Reduced payments: There are no large up-front payments
  2. Faster: Shorter turnaround time and less admin
  3. Advice: We will advise and provide you the most cost effective solution.
  4. Flexible End of Term Options: At the end of your term you can continue renting, return or even buy.
  5. Protected: If applicable, your rental is protected against Theft and Damage.
  6. Keep you running: You are given a free loan unit when yours is in for repairs.
  7. Expiry: We will always notify you prior to the expiry of your rental, and give you upgrade options.

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