Asset Recovery/Refurbished IT

Go Rentals is a responsible IT refurbisher and recycler.

In theory, every part of used or end-of-life IT equipment can find continued beneficial use through this chain of steps; from direct reuse as a complete computer to high quality raw material production:

  1. collect
  2. evaluate
  3. refurbish or repair
  4. dismantle
  5. separate
  6. recover

In practice, there are technical and economic limits to material recovery, as well as legal restrictions in some countries for reusing hazardous materials. Some process residues from these six steps will need to be disposed by state-of-the art incineration in controlled furnaces or landfills and such final disposal is required for environmental protection.


What is the difference between refurbishing and recycling?

  • Refurbishing describes the work that is required to make a used, essentially intact PC suitable for a new owner.

Follow the Refurbishing link, should you require more information on our Refurbishing services and procedures.

  • Recycling is different from refurbishing and is defined as the process of breaking down a PC and disposing of the separate components.

Follow the Recycling link, should you require more information on our Recycling services and procedures.


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